Productive cycle


Phase 1

The bottles are bought in heat shrinking beds and put in the production line thanks to an automatic de-palletising machine, which extracts the empty bottles in layers.


Phase 2

Thereafter they are put into a sterilising and rising machine, which turns the bottles upside down, to be washed with ozonized water and sterilised. Following that they are blown with sterile air in order to eliminate any residual water.


Phase 3

The empty bottles are then put into the filling machine with isobaric functioning, where four different working phases take place:

  • pre-emptying of the air contained in the bottle, thanks to a vacuum pump in order to eliminate oxygen
  • bottle pressurising with inert liquid nitrogen until 4 atmospheres of overpressure are reached
  • filling up during the counterpressure phase (isobaric system)
  • automatic self levelling of the liquid
lav_03b lav_03c

Phase 4

In this phase the filled bottles pass to the corker and finally to the capsule distributing machine.

tappo_01 tappo_02 tappo_03 tappo_04 tappo_05

Phase 5

The bottles, once capped and capsulated, go to the labelling machine where their batch number is also printed.


Phase 6

The bottles are packed thanks to an automatic cartoning machine depending on the need, in cartons containing either 6 or 12 bottles, the cartons are the taped and sent to a conveyor belt to the automating palletising machine.


Phase 7

The automatic palletising machine arranges the cartons in several layers on pallets, depending on the kind of packaging required. Such phase is curried out automatically thanks to a software program controlling the machine’s computer.